18 de mayo de 2008

Carthaginian Starter Army for Field of Glory

Here I post some pics of my Carthaginian Starter Army for the new ruleset Field of Glory. First you have a general overview of the minima troops needed to play a game with the Carthaginians.

Then I show a closeup view of the different troops. Here you have the Gallic cavalry lead by a Carthaginian officer.

Of course, if we talk about Carthaginians we expect to see the elephants. Behind them you will find the Numidian light cavalry and the Spanish scutarii.

A close view of the Carthaginian light troops (including Numidians, lybiphoenician, lybian and other skirmishers). Behind them the Gauls and the Spaniards are the main line of Hannibal's army.

Balearic slingers sweep the way (at least the try!) for the Gallic and Spaniard mercenary cavalry.

I have more figures to complete my Carthaginian Army, but I will post here as soon as I finish them and integrate them into the concept of Field of Glory.

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